ID# C-08-212

15 year old • Female

All About Me

Brenna is a sleek black kitty, with two small tufts of white fur on her chest and belly. Her gorgeous green eyes won over Brenna's foster mom immediately.

Brenna arrived in her foster home with two babies in tow. Since then she generously adopted two more! And, Brenna took care of the whole kit-n-kaboodle with a great deal of caring and patience. The babies are all grown up now, and Brenna is clearly craving a bit of time alone with the adults. She weaves through her foster mom's legs the instant the door opens, and purrs up a storm while she's being petted. It's hard to resist this sweet natured mama. Brenna is a fantastic cat's cat. She has adopted every single cat she's met in foster care - regardless of age or gender. She grooms and comforts new adult cats until they decide that foster care's OK, and she cares for all of the new kittens just like they're her own. Brenna's current best pal in foster care is a white kitten named Spike [click here to see Spike]. The two of them like to walk around side by side, and the parallel movements of little black and white bodies are a thing to behold. Spike just can't resist the movement of Brenna's long tail. Luckily, Brenna is a tolerant girl and gladly engages Spike in a good wrestling match. Spike and Brenna are the yin and yang of their foster home. [Click here for more pictures of Brenna].

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Brenna was found on a large rural farm and brought into foster care when her babies were very young. Brenna is happy as a clam to be inside where it's warm and the food is plentiful!