A rescue pet is more than one in a million — she’s one in 4.7 million. According to Best Friends Animal Society, that’s the number of cats and dogs who entered animal shelters across the country in 2023. Of these, nearly 8% were euthanized, simply because too many pets come into rescues and shelters and too few people adopt. By adopting instead of buying your pet, you save your pet and open up space and resources for another animal who needs them.

Adopting from Independent Animal Rescue

Choosing your new family member under less than optimal circumstances is a difficult task for even the most dog- or cat-savvy humans. Before any dog or cat enters the IAR foster program, he/she undergoes a complete behavioral assessment to provide information about what home situation might be best for the animal. All of our dogs and cats then enter foster homes where they are cared for and loved as members of the family before being made available for adoption. Living with our dogs and cats in foster homes, we learn a lot about their unique virtues and are ready and eager to share that information with you. We work hard to help you find the best match for your household, whatever its composition.

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Adoption Process

Start our adoption process by submitting an adoption application online. Please be aware that Independent Animal Rescue is an organization of volunteer foster homes, located primarily in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Due to the nature of our adoption process, we can only consider applications for homes located within 60 miles of Durham. Thank you!

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Adoption Fees

When you adopt from IAR, you’re not only saving a life, you’re also saving a lot of money. In fact, when you adopt from IAR, you’re receiving over $250 worth of services included in your adoption fee! Cats and dogs adopted in pairs and senior animals over age 7 have reduced adoption fees.

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