Independent Animal Rescue’s mission is to rescue and care for cats and dogs in need through adoption, spay/neuter, and community education.

Adoptable Pets


Lots of cats and dogs found their forever homes this month! Congratulations to Willie, Moishe, Neo, Trinity, Boba, Rosemary ("Rosie"), Cinnamon ("Minnie"), Nutmeg ("Meg"), Aster, Ghost, Dusty, Washington, Sherlock Pawlmes, Mars, Pluto, Miss Joni, Lenny, Squiggy, Bahama, Romeo, Nacho, Harley, Midge, Praline, Macaroon, Sammie, HamHam, Sir Roscoe, Wallis, Posie, Rosie, Banks, Big Bear, Wolfie, Frosty Paws, Little Bear, Kash, Cress, Thorne, Puddin', Parfait, Minnie, Wiley, Joy, Tennessee Whiskey, Bobby, Mimi, Clementine, Cleo, Mickey, Zelda, Zoe, Basil, Mac, Cheese, Dante, Laira, Luna, Bernie, Banfi, Bomani, Stevie, Jojo, Silk, Dutch, Misty, Ash, Remy, Luigi, Paco, Chloe, Oreo, Snickerdoodle, Moon Knight, Dot, Marvel, Margo, Honey, Biscuit, Ziggy, and Gambit!

Upcoming Events

Sat 23

Virtual Dog Adoption Event (Online)

January 23 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Organizer: Wes Schobel