Join us for our 18th Annual Painted Chair Auction!

We will host a silent auction with nearly 150 great items from October 10th at 12 AM ET through October 24th at 9 PM ET.  We will also host a live-streamed video broadcast on October 24th at 7 PM ET, that will bring us together to celebrate IAR and the animals we love. Come and watch an evening of IAR storytelling, adoptable animals, fundraising, and IAR news and updates. Get your favorite food and drink ready and be ready to click play!

Registration is free! Visit our Painted Chair Auction Website to register to access bidding, donate, and engage with our event offerings.

Adoptable Pets


Lots of cats and dogs found their forever homes this month! Congratulations to Zion, Winter, Autumn, Ritz, Lina, Leopold, Rocco, Andre, Annabella, Arabella, Luke Skywalker, Bindi, Linden, Shark, Rose, Noodle, Twilight, Oakley, Bowie, Dylan, Bender, Slipper, Smiley, Pippa, Dug, Cicero, Cato, White Toes, Midge, Olivia, Misty, Charlotte, Wilson, Crouton, Mom Cat Luna, Silly, Matisse, Cezanne, Rembrandt, Monet, Pretzel, Twinkle, Zophia, Petey D, Cookie, Cheeseburger, Mr. Fluffy, Small Fry, Mr. Fuzzy, Bugle, Chex Mix, Guy, Asha, Scipio, Chicken Nugget, Pringles, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, Pounce, Barnacles, Dashi, Cream, Big Sassy, Little Tootsie, Willy, Zendaya, Zena, Luigi, Luke, Wooly, Saber, Mimi, Nala, Mia, Tater Bug, Jerry G., Zander, Cordelia, Buffy, Tyler, Maggie, Julius, Slightly, Timmy, CoCo, Posie, Loki, Accent Aigu, Cédille, Cameo, Dina, Miss Mallory, Felina, Kip, Harlem, and Gambit!

Upcoming Events

Sat 24

Dog Adoption Event

October 24 @ 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Organizer: Wes Schobel