Thinking about replacing an older vehicle soon? Not excited about the work involved in selling it? Why not take advantage of our new vehicle donation program. Your donation will allow us to help more animals while providing you with a simple, convenient, and prudent way to discard your old vehicle. Vehicle donations have become increasingly popular (over $500 million worth of vehicles are donated in the U.S. each year) mainly because selling a used vehicle can be a time-consuming, uncomfortable experience. By donating, you avoid the hassle completely and are guaranteed fair-market value as a tax deduction. If you, or any of your friends and relatives, wish to take advantage of our program, please contact Donate For Charity (contact info below). You can donate any used car, RV, boat, or trailer. Donate For Charity will even process real estate donations. The only restriction is that the estimated value of the donated item has to exceed the cost of selling it. We hope you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity when the need arises.

Contact Donate for Charity

Call toll-free at 866-392-4483.
Or, use the Donate For Charity Website.

Thanks to donors like you, Independent Animal Rescue is able to rescue, nurture and adopt more than 500 dogs and cats into loving homes each year. Your donation will help us to rescue dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from kill-shelters, to educate the community about responsible pet ownership, to provide access to low cost spay-neuter, and it will help us provide veterinary and supportive care for pets who are waiting for their next loving home. From all of the volunteers and animals here at IAR, Thank You!