Leaving a Legacy Gift helps ensure that Independent Animal Rescue (IAR) can continue its mission for years to come

Your legacy gift can provide significant support for IAR’s efforts to rescue and provide safe and responsible care for homeless, abandoned and abused animals in our community. There are several ways you can combine your love for animals with the estate and tax planning goals. The following are typical ways that you can make a planned gift to IAR:

Bank and/or Investment Accounts

You can name IAR as a partial/sole beneficiary to these accounts. By naming IAR as a beneficiary, these assets will go directly to IAR without going through your estate plan. Contact your bank and/or financial advisor to complete the proper beneficiary designation form.

Life Insurance

You can name IAR as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy in whole or a certain percentage. Contact your insurance broker to complete the proper beneficiary designation form.

Retirement Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and other qualified plans are another great way to leave a legacy gift to Independent Animal Rescue. In some cases, leaving your qualified retirement account to a charity and other assets to your heirs can save on taxes. Consult your Financial Advisor and/or Tax Advisor regarding this planning method.

Your Will

To make an unrestricted gift, you would write in the will that you donate a cash amount, asset or percentage of your overall estate to IAR to be used for general purposes. To make a restricted gift, you would use the same language in the will as with an unrestricted gift, but add that the property must be used for a specific purpose. Consult with Legal Counsel for this planning method.

Gifts through a Trust

IAR can be the beneficiary of a relatively simple revocable trust or irrevocable trust. Other giving strategies using charitable trusts can provide benefits to IAR as well as to your family or yourself. Consult with Legal Counsel for this planning method.

Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

A donor-advised fund can be a tax-effective and flexible way to support 501(c)(3) public charities like IAR. To establish a donor-advised fund, you make an initial contribution to establish the account, propose investment options for the donated assets (which grow tax-free), recommend grants to charities you wish to support and establish your charitable legacy, managed by a successor advisor, with a succession plan which reflects your values.

Please note the following when naming the IAR as a beneficiary of a gift, bequest or designation:

Full Legal Name: Independent Animal Rescue, Inc.
Legal Mailing Address: PO Box 14232, Durham, NC 27709-4232
EIN: 56-1951483

If you wish to discuss your legacy gift options with IAR, in confidence and without obligation, please reach out to [email protected]. Thank you for your support of IAR.

The information on this page and website is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney, tax advisor or financial advisor. State law may further impact your individual results.