A workplace campaign is a method for employees to make donations to local reputable charities, such as IAR, through their employer. Giving through these workplace campaigns is simple and extremely effective for the employee, employer and for the charity.

If you are a North Carolina State employee, a Federal employee or a Durham city employee, you can help Independent Animal Rescue through designated workplace campaigns. Many businesses also participate in charitable giving through United Way and you can designate Independent Animal Rescue to specifically receive your donations through your United Way contribution.

Independent Animal Rescue participates in the following campaigns:

State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC), Code #1575*
Research Triangle Area Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), Code #66474**
-City of Durham Seven Stars Campaign
Triangle United Way, Code #2655*
*As an employee, you may pledge at anytime during the year
**As an employee, you may pledge between September 1 and December 15 (each agency’s specific deadlines may differ)

Many donors choose to donate through payroll deduction.

It’s simple, and even a small amount donated each pay period adds up over time. Moreover, there are no monthly donations to remember and no checks to write. Gifts of any size are always appreciated; no amount is too small. A $20 pledge every month is not likely an amount that you’ll miss; however, it means about $240 per year for the animals.

Thank you for considering donating to IAR through your workplace campaign. The animals thank you!