We are excited that you want to volunteer with Independent Animal Rescue. Please review our policies and initial the bottom of each page to acknowledge that you have read and understood them.

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  • Code of Conduct

    • Support the mission, goals and efforts of Independent Animal Rescue, Inc. (IAR) with a positive, cooperative attitude. Promote goodwill by handling contacts with volunteers and others in a spirit of respect, courtesy and cooperation.
    • Approach volunteerism with responsibility and professionalism.
    • Treat all animals with kindness and respect.
    • Exercise caution and common sense when interacting with IAR foster, feral and community-owned animals.
    • Be responsive, courteous and timely in all IAR related communications.
    • Provide appropriate notice of unavoidable absences or lateness.
    • Maintain thorough and accurate records of medical care, adoptions and other information relating to the care of animals entrusted to your care by IAR.
    • Maintain and safeguard the confidentiality of all IAR business, donor, volunteer and animal records, credit and financial information and/or any information relating to the operation of IAR that is not readily available to the general public.
    • Follow IAR procedures and observe all safety precautions in the performance of volunteer duties. Avoid engagement in any conduct that is, or could be perceived to be, a conflict of interest.
    • Ensure that IAR’s supplies and assets are protected from damage and theft.