In memory of Tyler

TylerTyler was incredibly social, playful and affectionate, which is amazing since he started life as a feral cat. He was frequently seen (and heard) galloping from one point to the next just for the fun of it. Tyler was famous for giving head-butts and Eskimo kisses. He was thrilled to go to the vet. He had such fun helping everyone at the clinic that it was hard to get him in his carrier to go home! Tyler was FIV+ when adopted. After 9 healthy years, he became FeLV+. He was one of the rare cats that harbored a latent FeLV infection in his bone marrow. It surprised everyone when it appeared in 2009. At age 10, Tyler lost his battle with FeLV and a piece of me went with him. Tyler, you will always be much loved and sorely missed. Thank you for letting me share life with you.

Diane Thomas