Feral Cat Program

IAR is committed to reducing pet overpopulation, by supporting spay/neuter programs. One such program is aimed at aiding feral (undomesticated) cats using the trap/neuter/return philosophy. Many of these cats may have had a home at one time but, for many reasons, have found themselves on their own. For their survival they join up with other homeless cats and form a colony. The IAR Feral Cat Team usually learns of these colonies from kind hearted persons who feed, water and observe them. The problem becomes population control and this is where the feral cat program can help.

When a feral caretaker contacts IAR, a feral team member talks with him to ascertain the scope of the situation and then develops a plan to have the cats spay/neutered. Our assistance includes one or more of the following: loaning of humane traps, setting and monitoring traps, transporting trapped cats to and from veterinary clinic, supervising recovery, releasing cats back into their colonies, relocating feral cats, providing food and, in the case of colonies with no consistent care provider, canvassing IAR volunteers and community citizens to hopefully find someone to manage the colony. As is true with all of IAR's programs, we rely on the compassion and assistance of volunteers to make this program successful and pave the way for expansion. Last year IAR helped with the spay/neuter of almost 500 feral cats.

We are always in need of more volunteers and would welcome your help with any aspect of our program. If you are interested in becoming a team member, please email us at info@animalrescue.net.