ID# D-20-174

4 year old • Female • 32 lbs

All About Me

Bindi sports a caramel-colored wirey coat with bits of black and white throughout, and has adorable black and white floppy ears and a curled tail. The white fur that highlights her forehead and runs down her neck stands out like a silver lining, sure to uplift anyone from COVID-19 blues.

Bindi, from the Aboriginal Australian word meaning little girl, definitely has a puppylike side, but carries herself like the beautiful young lady she is, with impeccable manners inside and outside the house.

Bindi’s energy release comes from her bouts of zoomies; so a secure, fenced yard is a MUST. Seeing her revitalized by running in circles or hopping around like a bunny just melts your heart! Bindi is super dog-friendly, so we are looking for a family with another dog that is a similar size or slightly larger than Bindi. Bindi’s dog pal must be well-socialized and receptive to playful behavior because Bindi will jump when excited to initiate play. Check out her second video and you can see that Bindi likes to both chase and be chased! Bindi hasn't met any children yet; but we think she would probably be best with older children because she sometimes jumps up when excited.

Bindi is a medium-energy dog who likes taking 40-minute walks twice a day and goes out for potty breaks every 4 to 5 hours. Bindi generally prefers to walk at a regular pace and isn’t the athletic type; so she would not want to jog or run with her human.

Bindi is crate-trained and house-trained, and unless given permission does not enter certain parts of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom. She also recognizes that the couch is off limits until you allow her to go up on it—after all, a lady always asks before proceeding to do something! This affectionate sweetie loves her snuggles and belly rubs; but Bindi is also a mature and independent friend who will respect your space. When I am working at my laptop, Bindi takes her refreshing afternoon naps (sometimes making noises while dreaming, her paws twitching ever so slightly—probably from running in an infinite field full of her doggie buddies!). She is comfortable being alone around the house and has shown no signs of separation anxiety when I leave for short periods of time. I make sure to give her a Kong stuffed with kibble before I leave, so she associates her crate with positive memories and as a space where she can rest calmly.

She is receptive to all touch and will wait patiently as you wipe her paws, clean her ears, and brush her silky coat. She knows that after these hygiene routines a delicious treat will always follow! I have rarely heard Bindi bark except to alert me of visitors approaching the house. During the night she sleeps soundly and peacefully in her crate, which she identifies as her safe comfort zone.

Bindi is incredibly intelligent and eager to please. She is food motivated (a treat bag by your side and clicker in hand are a must!), so she is a breeze to train and a quick study. Already this girl has mastered more than a few tricks up her paws. Check out her video! She has learned basic commands—Sit, Stand, Down, Wait (well, most of the time!), Drop it, and Crate. And her extra tricks—including Paw, High-ten, Say please, Spin, and Play dead—are bound to put a huge smile on your face. Bindi is eager to learn more and expand her repertoire; so her furever family should devote at least 10 minutes twice a day to train her.

Initially, Bindi wanted to roam and sniff around a lot on our walks; but her leash-walking skills have improved significantly over a short period. She has now found a good pace of walking by my heel and makes regular eye contact. When she pulls in a different direction or is sniffing for too long, she usually responds to Come here, because I always reward her with a treat. Bindi’s friendly nature makes it hard for her to resist meeting new furry pals, though, so she does sometimes lunge at other dogs—although I can refocus her attention to me with a treat. Moving squirrels also catch her attention; so I try to keep Bindi’s eyes focused on her treats before she gets distracted. Her adopted family will need to continue practicing her leash-walking skills; we recommend using a Freedom Harness, which helps with pulling.

Bindi loves to play fetch and gets excited to play with plush toys, but only gets to play with her toys while supervised to ensure that she doesn’t become possessive. She has shown no destructive behavior around the house and doesn’t chew on anything except when given her Benebone dog chew. This lady has mastered the art of the kibble-dispensing ball, and has fun figuring out interactive toys. Bindi has entertained doggie visitors at her foster home, and she has shown no signs of resource guarding, jealousy or territorial behavior.

At times sprightly and silly and at other times calm and wise, Bindi—with her all-around sweetness and fun nature—is impossible not to love and will bring boundless joy to her forever family!

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown

Bindi is up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, spayed, and heartworm negative.


Bindi came from a local shelter.

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