ID# D-20-119

4 year old • Male • 60 lbs

All About Me

Zion is a beautiful tan and dark brown brindle color with white on his chest and belly. One ear sticks straight up and the other flops down.

He may not be named for Zion Williamson, but he would definitely shatter the Duke canine vertical jump record! In addition to his impressive jumping ability (don’t worry, he has had no interest in jumping fences), Zion’s award-winning smile and incredible athleticism continue the analogy. Zion could certainly beat Carolina down the court—or at least accompany you on a nice jog, followed up by some play time. As an added bonus, Zion sometimes uses walks as an opportunity to get in some resistance training, although he has been using a no-pull harness to tamp down on his fitness urges. He also loves to stop and sniff. Everyone has to take it easy sometimes, after all! Zion’s amiable nature makes him a good companion for dogs who can match his energy level, although he definitely has a dominant personality. On leash, Zion has done extremely well with every dog he has met. Zion also absolutely LOVES to get some court time in with his buddies at the dog park. He might not have a degree from Duke, but Zion is an A+ student. He can already sit, lay down, stay, leave it and give a nice high five. Because he is so smart, Zion will need a good coach to keep his progress going. After a hard day of press interviews, this social butterfly loves nothing better than to curl up on the couch and cuddle. He falls into a deep sleep with his head in your lap and wags his adorable, crooked tail to sweet dreams of playing with his favorite people. If you're relaxed, Zion will just hang out. If you want to go out and adventure, Zion is all in! Smart, lovable, and easy on the eyes...what can’t he do?

Like the former Duke favorite and future NBA great, Zion values one thing above all else: family. Zion doesn’t like to be left alone, and can become upset if his team isn’t around to have his back. Zion would do best in a house where someone in the family works from home or in a family with opposite work schedules. Zion has been responding well to anxiety medication and could also do well in a household where his people can arrange for some afternoon attention or come home for lunch. Because of his separation anxiety, Zion is still working on becoming comfortable spending time in a crate and cannot yet be left alone in a crate. His loud bark would definitely reach the press box in Cameron Indoor Stadium, and he often uses it from his perch at the front window to let you know that your Amazon package has arrived (thanks, Z!). For this reason, he would do best in a stand-alone home and really needs a fenced yard. Zion also moonlights as a counter-surfer—cowabunga! Because of his fascination with all things small and furry (helloooo, squirrels!), we think that Zion would likely not be the best companion for feline friends, although he has not been cat tested. He’s still young and has a lot to learn, but with some patience and training, Zion will be a Hall-of-Famer for sure.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown

Zion's vaccinations are up-to-date. He has a microchip, is neutered, and heartworm negative. Zion takes fluoxetine once per day to help manage his anxiety.


Zion was an unclaimed stray at a rural shelter.

IAR Sponsored Training

IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall (www.cheerydogs.com) to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.