Caesar Augustus
ID# D-19-071

2 year old • Male • 15 lbs

All About Me

Caesar Augustus is a handsome, sturdy little fellow, with a shiny black coat and tan and white markings. He may be a min pin mix.

Requirements for Caesar (if you can't meet all of these, we cannot consider your application):
Preferably women; he takes a while to warm up to men
No children
Detached home
Securely fenced yard
Experienced dog owner
Adult(s) home at least a half day (post pandemic) OR can come home midday and already have a young, active, small dog
Adult(s) not interested in walking him (he is too leash reactive)
Another small, young, active dog in the home

Devastatingly debonair, Caesar Augustus is waiting for his special family (no children) upon whom he can shower his devotion and entertain with his antics. Caesar would do best with someone who is home at least part time or a family with opposite work schedules (he needs to go out for pee breaks ~ every 4.5 hours at most and does not take kindly to strangers coming in and out). He is very afraid of big dogs, but he lived successfully and affectionately with another small young, active dog previously, and he would like to be in a home with another small, young, active but calm dog. He is curious about cats but not aggressive. Still, he'd rather chase them, which, of course, they don't relish; so we are saying no cats. Squirrels and bunnies don't appreciate his chase game, either.

He is leash reactive to all but small dogs on the street and many people, so we are looking for someone who is not interested in walking their dog. Caesar likes to indulge in outdoor sports (running, playing chase, and wrestling with a small dog) off and on during the day in the fenced yard, and he adores lying out in the sun watching the birds. He particularly likes to play ball, and sometimes even brings it back (see videos)!

Then he's ready to come in to spend loving and companionable times with his person. Caesar is affectionate but not needy. He likes to sit on the couch next to you; or if he gets there first and lies in your spot, he is understanding when you move him. He also likes to follow you around the house; but he's also happy in a room with a doorway gate, and often chooses to be in his crate (no need to lock the door--he never ruins anything in the home). He often stands on three legs, with his left front paw lifted up.

Caesar sleeps through the night without a peep. He'd rather be in bed with you.

Caesar loves his Pet Pantry food, but often waits until you sit down to eat before he eats (1/2 cup twice a day).

A clever little dog, Caesar knows Sit, Stay, Come, Wait, Let's go, Go out? and Move Over. Anyone would be lucky to have Caesar in their family!

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids No

Caesar Augustus is healthy, up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, neutered, and heartworm negative.


Caesar Augustus was surrendered with another young dog to a local shelter when the family moved.

IAR Sponsored Training

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