Polly Pocket

ID# IAR-A-10262

2 years old • Female • 48 lbs

All About Me

Polly Pocket is an affectionate, sweet, loving girl who adores all people and dogs alike! She was 2 years old in mid-September.

If there are children in the family, Polly should only be with older children because although she adores little children, she wants to give them (and everyone) kisses (which aren't appreciated as much as she wishes!) and may knock them over.

High energy, she is looking for an active family who loves taking several long daily brisk walks/runs. Her ideal home is with at least one person around for company a lot during the day and either with another young, energetic dog to play with or access to another dog. As she gets very excited while walking, one person may not be able to handle both her and a resident dog at the same time. Polly would be perfect for agility training!

We are also looking for a fenced yard that is at least 6 feet high because she can jump a 5-foot picket fence.

You can get a sense of her energy level by watching her videos. The video with Haggis was taken after about 30 minutes of running around. Haggis was then tired, so he gave himself a little break by standing behind the bushes while Polly circled around with plenty of energy to spare!

Couch cuddles and a bedtime story are always welcome. She adores going for walks and does well on leash. Such a friendly girl, Polly is always thrilled to see dogs and people on the street and welcomes them to come right up to her to say Hi. Wag, wag, wag -- Oh, boy, another new friend to meet! She will sit for treats on walks.

Very smart, she has learned Sit, Down, Roll over, Shake, Come, Crate, Wait, Stop, Let's go out, Time for bed, Out, Go back to sleep, Off, Treat, Watch out, Look at me, Leave it, Back up, and Drop it.

She is house-trained and crate-trained, and will go right into the crate when given a treat and often just on her own (she can go 4 hours between potty breaks). Polly lets you know when she has to go out.

She loves her Benebones, marrow bone, and peanut butter Kong! Polly is very patient when given a bath in the bathtub and doesn't try to jump out! She also loves car rides and also waits patiently until you are ready to get her out.

Polly Pocket was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan.

Polly Pocket is up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, spayed, and heartworm negative.

Polly Pocket is mostly Plott Hound, with a shiny black coat and brindle markings on her face, chest, legs, and butt.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes
IAR Sponsored Training

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