ID# IAR-A-9215

5 months old • Female

All About Me

Fox is bonded to another cat and would like to be adopted together. Please check her Best Friends section.

Because Fox is younger than 6 months of age, it is IAR policy that she must be adopted with another kitten or into a household with a young cat (general guideline of 2 years or younger but on a case by case basis).

Don't we all need a little floof in our lives? Fox may be small but she's dreaming of a big future with you! When left to her own devices, she is very playful and observant and loves to coax her best friend Fiddle into playtime. She loves playing! Her favorite toys are a ball on a track or a string, but she especially loves play-hunting and pouncing on Fiddle.

She's incredibly affectionate and is the lappiest lap-cat I've ever met! I work from home and she spends most of the day on my lap (or getting into my lap). At night when we're reading or watching tv in bed, she'll get right on top of you and watch too. (She loves tiktok!)
She's generally pretty quiet but will trill and chirp when you're looking for her and will make the teeniest meow when she's excited for food.

Fox is the kind of kitty who likes things best on her terms--she wants to decide when and where cuddle time happens. She's still getting used to being picked up and doesn't like being held still--she had an upper respiratory infection, and while she has healed from it I think she still wants to make sure she is always able to breathe comfortably and is cautious about being prodded. But in everyday life, she is as sweet and gentle as can be.

Lastly she has unusual beautiful silver-tabby coloring with a cool distinguishing hip swirl (it almost looks like a sun and moon) on both sides--you won't find a pretty kitty like her every day! This little sunbeam-chaser is so easy to care for--with her buddy at her side and a lap to climb into, she is as happy as a clam. Let us know if they seem like the right kittens for you!

All IAR cats will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines at the time of adoption.

My Details
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Best Friends

Fox would be especially happy to find a home with another cat from her foster home: