Magic Man

ID# IAR-A-9065

4 years old • Male

All About Me

Hi! My name is Magic Man. I'm too humble to fully understand why they named me that, but all the people I meet say "Wow! You are Magic!" so I guess I should take their word for it. I really like it when people notice how regal and sophisticated I am! I've got a playful side too, but I save that for when I feel really at home.

I am quite handsome, I'll happily admit that! I take after my distant big cat ancestors... I like it when people call me a "House Panther" because it reminds me that I come from very brave creatures - sometimes I need those reminders. I have always lived with at least one other cat (my momma Rosie, and her sister, my Auntie Sunshine, and now the cats in my foster home). I feel most safe and secure with other cats around... plus I like to play, so I need a playmate! I make friends easily, so any friendly cat will surely like me, too! If you have a fun-loving feline looking for a pal, maybe I'm the perfect match!? I also enjoy the company of the small terrier who lives in my foster home. I've never met a big dog though, so I'm not sure if I like ALL dogs, or just the small ones.

I'm a very tall and long cat, evident by the fact that I weigh in at over 15 lbs despite my very slender stature! But I'm the gentlest of giants and quite easy going -- even when I am at the vet, they tell me I'm such a great cat! And they should know... they see a lot of cats!

So, the story goes that I was born on a farm and a really nice older lady rescued me, and my momma and auntie. We loved her very much and she loved us, too! But sadly, she had a stroke in May 2021 and has to live in assisted living now, where us kitty friends are not allowed to live. We're very grateful for the nice foster momma from IAR who was able to take us in. I'm being very patient, but I sure would love to be settling into a new home soon!

I'm a very social guy - I really enjoy sitting with the foster momma while she reads or watches tv. I always greet her with leg rubs and head butts and my sweet little meow. Occasionally I'll sleep on her lap, but mostly I prefer to snuggle up beside her on the sofa - or my favorite is when we snuggle on the bed and I get to be the little spoon. It feels so safe to be a little spoon with a nice human!

One important thing to note is that I have a little touch of asthma, so my new family will need to commit to providing unscented low-dust kitty litter for me, and keeping artificial scents to a minimum. But other than that, I'm a super low maintenance guy. I'm not too picky about what I eat, and I've got perfect litter box manners. I enjoy climbing a cat tree by a window to watch the birds and having a dark hiding spot for daytime cat naps.

Would you like to meet me? Just have your people call my people -- by filling out an application to adopt - once approved the foster momma will coordinate an introduction - I sure am looking forward to meeting you!


To see regular updates and more photos and videos of Magic Man (and Sunshine) you can find them on Instagram: HERE

All IAR cats will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines at the time of adoption.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown