ID# IAR-A-8101

6 years old • Female • 51.2 lbs

All About Me

With her foster family, Usagi is an extremely affectionate little hunk of love. A master of snuggles, she will happily either lie on top of her humans, sprawl out next to them, curl up in the curve of their legs, or smoosh in-between them; big spoon, little spoon--she loves it all.

One of her most favorite activities is belly rubs. She will flop onto her back, with paws dangling, and extort all the belly rubs she can. She loves her toys and all food.

Usagi loves to chase a ball, and can run faster and jump higher/farther than most, which would make her great for any type of agility games and training. She occasionally gets the most adorable zoomies and will race in circles, grab a toy, and buck like a little bronco. She is sooooo endearing and provides endless entertainment.

Usagi is very smart and eager to please. She has learned Sit, Down, Stay, Up, Roll over, Spin, Lay on your side, Go to your mat, Wait/Hold (for food or when doors open), Leave it, Come, Kennel up (Go to crate), and a few others! Here's one of the tricks she now knows: She can lie down, with treats lined up on her legs and muzzle, and then, when given the "Okay" cue, she will gobble them up!

Usagi generally walks beautifully on a leash. She is a quick study and would likely be happy to learn any trick requested.

These are just some examples of Usagi's amazing qualities and lovable personality. She is, however, very fearful of new things including dogs and people. She has made progress, but in her forever home Usagi will need a patient pet parent/family who will continue to work with her slowly while she builds confidence.

Usagi will need to be the only animal in her new home. Her very rambunctious playstyle and bullish affection would also likely overwhelm small children. Usagi is getting braver but still needs very slow introductions to new humans. So, she would not do well in a house with lots of visitors or with people who travel a lot.

Usagi completely melts her foster humans with her sweet, affectionate gaze, the press of one of her meaty little paws, or the smooshing of her blocky head against their cheeks. She will bring boundless love, affection, and laughs to her forever home, and needs loving, caring people to help her feel safe.

Usagi is an adorable stocky little mix--mostly white, with large brown patches and some small, dark polka dots. She is short and muscular with adorable chunky paws. Her big bunny ears usually stand straight up, but sometimes her right ear flops over. Usagi has stunningly gorgeous blue and gold eyes, and a mottled pink and brown nose.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs No
Likes Young Kids No
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