ID# IAR-A-7711

8 years old • Female • 35 lbs

All About Me

Mellie is a very attractive small hound mix with a white, brown and black coat. Watch her video of Mellie's gay abandon while playing with her doggie friend.

Mellie enjoys being with us, sleeping on the couch and spending time in the yard. She is shy of visitors and can be anxious about coming back inside when she smells unfamiliar people. Mellie is super playful with her doggie friends, but she does need a secure fenced in yard. She is a sweet hound who will follow her nose past a fence if there is something appealing on the other side, at least 6 feet are needed to keep her firmly planted in the backyard. She is not comfortable on a leash so is not one for trips outside her happy fenced yard.
Mellie likes the cats in her foster home and tries to play with them but resigns herself to the fact they may only want to curl up with her - lazy old things that they are!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes
IAR Sponsored Training

IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall ( to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.