At IAR, we believe in the value of being different.

many people want dogs or cats that conform to preconceived breed
standards, we know that “mixed breeds” can be the most loving,
intelligent, personable, unique, and gentle companions. And in a world
where the gene pool of many breeds is too small to accommodate the
growing number of people who want pets, “mutts” are not only a more
interesting alternative, they are also often genetically healthier and
you get the benefit of two or more different breeds in one animal.

At IAR, we know that finding that special dog or cat can be a daunting experience.

between too many potentially great animals under less than optimal
circumstances is a difficult task for even the most dog- or cat-savvy
humans. You usually don’t have enough information about the animal’s
character to make an informed decision.

At IAR, we try to solve these problems for you.

comb local shelters weekly and pick up community strays to bring into
our program. Before any dog or cat enters IAR, he/she undergoes a
complete behavioral assessment to provide information about what home
situation might be best for the animal. And we don’t stop there. All
our dogs and cats then enter foster homes where they are cared for and
loved as members of the family before being made available for
adoption. In the foster home for a dog, we teach basic commands and
work on general manners. In the foster home for a cat, we make sure the
cat is litter-box trained and responds well to the people and other
animals around them. Most importantly, in foster care our dogs and cats
learn the value of human love.

At IAR, we try to match the animal that is the best fit for your home.

with our dogs and cats in foster homes, we learn a lot about their
unique virtues and are ready and eager to share that information with
potential adopters. We work hard to help you find the best match for
your household, whatever its composition. We have a full staff of
trained volunteers and professional handlers to answer questions and
help you if any adjustment problems arise once you get your dog or cat.

is committed to helping you find your perfect companion dog or cat; we
take the risk and confusion out of the equation so that you and your
dog or cat are free to simply enjoy each other!!