ID# C-21-063

4 year old • Female

All About Me

Long, luxurious fur - like touching a cloud. Around 4.5 lbs currently. Approximately 2 years old.

She may seem shy but Jessie is dedicated to making biscuits! All she requires are pets and brushes to make her kneading talent really shine. Jessie is ready to be on your lap, by your side; really just wherever is easiest to love you.
Currently we are socializing her with our resident cat and dog so will update soon about her preferences. No kids for us to test on so...

My Details
Likes Cats
Likes Dogs
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Jessie was originally a TNR cat but she would not stop trying to get into this one lady's house! Finally she let Jessie in and that is how Jessie domesticated herself.


A bit thin but she's bulking up for gains season. She gave birth to a litter of 5 in October 2020 and has recovered quite well. Spayed, completing her FVRCP vaccines, and almost done with the second round of deworming.