ID# C-21-048

11 year old • Male

All About Me

Mo is a handsome silver tabby, with soft brown undertones. He has the most stunning green eyes. He's a big guy at about 13 pounds.

Mo is a loving and affectionate distinguished gentleman. At a mature age (our best guess is older than 6, younger than 10), he really just wants to lounge around within petting distance of a kind human and enjoy life as a kept kitty. His purr motor must be an 8 cylinder - his whiskers vibrate when he really gets going!

Mo is an excellent companion feline. He's great company, without being too needy. He's perfectly content to hang out beside a human for hours, offering little "meep meows" occasionally to make sure you know he's there, but mostly he just enjoys being able to be a cat with a human best friend.

It would seem that Mo hasn't had a lot of experience as an indoor cat, but he has taken to luxuries quite quickly. He has also adapted to the litter box very well. Some indoor things still scare him, though - printers are not to be trusted and cleaning routines that involve brooms make him very worried. He is content to retreat to a safe hiding spot while these things take place, but is quick to return to regularly scheduled cuddling when the broom is out of sight.

Mo showed up at a managed feral colony and spent about a year roughing it on the streets until he was transitioned to a safe outdoor enclosure. His caretaker recognized how affectionate he was and wanted him to seek a loving indoor home so he could find his person. He's a "heart cat" ready to bond with someone trustworthy and deserving of his love.

Mo hasn't quite figured out the concept of sitting *on* a human, but loves to sit as close as he can on the sofa and press himself against a leg or rest his head in the crook of an elbow. He also gives the most exuberant and loving head butts imaginable.

He's looking for an experienced cat owner who can help him continue to blossom. He is still quite nervous in new situations and will require a slow and gentle introduction to his new home - starting with a very small and safe acclimation room and slowly gaining access to more space. It took him about 48 hours to trust his foster people, and then another 48 before he was a puddle of purrs by their sides.

To keep up with Mo's adventures in his foster home, you can follow his foster parents on Instagram: @foxtailfosters

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids No


Mo was abandoned at a managed feral colony, was transitioned to a safe outdoor enclosure, and then to IAR.


Mo is in good health, neutered, and up to date on shots and flea preventative.