August- “Gus”
ID# C-20-492

2 year old • Male

All About Me

Domestic medium hair, black with wisps of white

August, “Gus” is a curious and playful little black puff ball who loves lots of pets and loves to be held for a quiet snooze. He enjoys belly rubs and being picked up and carried to see everything he can’t yet reach. He is perfectly content to snuggle anytime he’s not playing and will let you know he’s sleepy by not so subtly crawling into your lap and curling up close. He’s happy to play on his own chasing a ball or string and also with his foster siblings Tatum and Chloe. When he’s tired or content and relaxed he will knead and suckle on a nearby soft blanket, his kitten bed, or sometimes even his human companion’s soft sweatshirt. He enjoys wrestling and running around most with his foster sibling Tatum would love to be adopted with him or his foster sister Chloe as they are all well bonded! Gus is very comfortable being around humans as he was a bottle fed baby from a very young age. He enjoys being around young children as well in his current foster home and is very curious about adult cats! Gus has soft, long hair with little dustings of white fur sprinkled into his black coat. He looks like a little bear, all fur and big eyes!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes

Best Friends

August- “Gus” would be especially happy to find a home with another cat from his foster home:


Found in the community and was bottle fed from a very young age


Excellent! Up to date on all vaccines!