ID# C-20-377

7 year old • Male

All About Me

Chester is a muscular male orange tabby cat that through previous wounds has a very distinctive flopped over left ear. His sad eyes and huge head show the difficulties of his past, but he is ready for someone to relax those eyes and enjoy his new indoor life.

Chester has had a tough life, but even through that he is a gentle soul that enjoys pets and head butts. He wants to be with people and is fine with other cats (however, he is FIV positive. Please see his health history for more information about what this means). He is a survivor and has earned his time as an indoor cat living in luxury! No more outdoor life for him.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Chester was trying to survive outdoors on his own and made his way to an IAR feeding station where he was picked up, neutered, and vaccinated. Within a month he was seen at another station miles away. He was trying to find the best place to survive. He then moved on to a local apartment complex where nice people fed him and realized he was an amazingly gentle cat that even allowed belly rubs. It was his time to be an indoor cat.


Chester is positive for FIV. He otherwise appears healthy even with a floppy left ear. He had obvious fight wounds from trying to survive outdoors, but nothing left but scars at this point.

Chester has both his canines removed due to damage. Since FIV is transmitted through a bite, the removal will limit his ability for that to transmit the disease to other cats. Please read the information below before considering him as a companion to other cats. It is possible but please educate yourself.

To learn more about FIV please check out this link.