ID# C-20-368

3 year old • Female

All About Me

Beautiful petite silver tabby with large key lime green eyes and beautiful big ears. She has very little white, mostly around her chin.

Lola is full of personality! She has a sweet little voice that's getting more confident every day, and is very inquisitive. She was unfamiliar with the perks of indoor living but has taken to them quite nicely. She loves getting treats, and playing with cat toys sporadically. Sometimes it's pretty awkward and entertaining to be honest. Each new toy is like a mystery miracle to her.

She loves taking little naps in the sunny spots in the house, and hanging out with the other cats, especially when she thinks it's dinner time, which is basically all the time. Poor Lola had to fend for herself on the streets so she is a little obsessed with meal time. She will need to be on a strictly controlled diet because she eats every meal like it could be her last! (She is a very small cat and the ounces add up quickly!)

She is not a lap cat, but is learning to be held and even lets us carry her around the house, purring, especially right before dinner time! Lola has so much to offer and needs to be with an experienced cat owner who can help her continue to adjust to the bounties of indoor cat life.

We don't know if she would get along with young children or dogs, but overall it's safe to assume that she needs a quiet, calm home, with plenty of things to explore and discover.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Lola was a young feral mom taken into IAR when she had kittens. She was such a sweetheart that we fast-tracked her into the foster program, where she has been thriving!


No known issues