ID# C-20-276

3 year old • Female

All About Me

Ella is a petite kitty with short gray and white fur and big yellow/green eyes. She has a little patch of pink, furless skin on the tip of her left ear. Her eyes are gorgeous and her gray patches are marbled.

Ella is a sweet, active, curious little cat. She really loves her people and will reward you with nuzzles. She likes to do what you do, including chores! She would love to help you with the dishes, watch you work from home, hang out while you brush your teeth, and so on. She will give you the same energy you give her! Pick her up with a smile and she will purr and cuddle. Flick an old shoe string around and she'll shift into play mode. Turn out the lights and get in to bed, and enjoy a cuddle buddy. She is quick to love and trust!

When she meets a new cat or dog, she does a lot of growling, but we have come to realize that that's just the language that she knows. She even growls while playing sometimes! Don't let that put you off--She loves to cuddle and wrestle with our other foster kitten and has even gotten used to our huge German Shepherd.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Ella was surrendered by an owner with too much on her plate. We think she must have spent the first few months of her life without another kitten to teach her not to growl, but she is quickly learning social etiquette from her foster brother. It only took 3 days for them to be great friends!