ID# C-20-022

7 year old • Female

All About Me

She's got Bette Davis eyes. Her foster mom sings this every time she looks into Ginger's big, beautiful gold eyes. This brown tabby also has another feature that sets her apart from the other cats...extra toes! Ginger is a polydactyl with an extra digit on both front feet and one of her back ones.

Ginger is an older cat who is picky with her feline companionship. Quite frankly, she prefers people to other cats. Most of the time you will find her in a quiet space away from the rest of the foster cats. She can get a little grumbly when another cat gets too close to her, and she isn't afraid to give a little swat to let them know to give her space. Even though she's an older cat, Ginger still has spunk and playfulness. Her foster mom has seen her get the zoomies. Her large eyes get even bigger when she's in a mood to play.

Ginger has decided that she loves freeze-dried chicken, and she lets her foster mom know when she wants some by reaching out to her with a paw. "Hello? Please give me some yummy chicken," Ginger says.

Even though you want to and need to touch her feet, she is not a fan of having her nails clipped. Ginger does like sitting in your lap though.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Poor Ginger has not had the best life. Her foster mom was told that she was originally rescued from a hoarding situation. Then, when Ginger's new people were moving, the landlord threatened them when they found out about Ginger. Ginger needed a place to stay during the move, and a concerned family member asked an IAR volunteer to help keep her safe. This IAR volunteer, who eventually became Ginger's foster mom, got Ginger updated on her vaccines and tested for FIV/FeLV. Ginger did go back home. However, a few months later, Ginger's family no longer wanted her, and she lost her home again. This time it was permanently. When Ginger was surrendered to her foster mom, she was missing patches of fur and had irritated skin. Ginger's foster mom decided that this cat deserved a chance at finding a forever home and worked on getting her healthy. Somewhere out there, there is a perfect home for Ginger. Ginger deserves it after all of the instability in her life.


Ginger's true age is unknown, but we have estimated her to be at least 5 years old. She has not had annual vet care prior to coming into IAR's adoption program, but she was spayed previously. Ginger is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has a microchip. She does have moderate periodontal disease, but she doesn't have any trouble eating at all.