ID# C-19-420

3 year old • Female

All About Me

Mindy is a petite tortoiseshell or "tortie" with short hair. Her coat is a brindle blend of blacks and reds (orange). She has hazel eyes and black whiskers. A stunning kitty!

When Mindy was still living outside, she was elusive and was the first to run away when confronted. However, she was the braver than her brother in the long run. Her foster mom was able to play with her one night with only a fence in between. The glare of the flashlight kept Mindy from seeing the person on the other end of the moving stick so she had no idea she was playing with a human. Or, maybe she didn't care. Either way, this interaction helped to catch her.

Mindy is a little shy at first and will take some time to adjust to a new situation or meeting new people. She sometimes runs away when her foster mom comes in, but she comes right back for some petting and love. Her favorite thing now is to hop on her foster mom's back if she is bending over. Mindy will purr up as storm as she is rubbing her face against her foster mom's. She likes to sploot! Splooting is when she lies on her belly with her legs stretched out. It's adorable!

If you want to get her engaged, bounce a ball or give the ball in the Turboscratcher a spin. She'll come running! Mindy also has a thing for a shiny little key on a keychain. Place it on the table within sight, she'll have it in her mouth and carry it away.

Mindy likes playing with her brother, Mork, They like to tumble and play fight like kittens do. They like to sit on either side of the cat toy with multiple, circular tracks stacked in a tower and bat the balls, spinning them round and round.

Did you know that, according to folklore, cats of the tortoiseshell coloration are believed to bring good luck? Dating back to Celtic times, tortoiseshell cats have been perceived to bring good fortune into their homes. Even today, the Irish and Scottish believe stray tortoiseshell cats bring them luck. In the US, torties are sometimes referred to as money cats. (Thank you, Wikipedia!) Do you need some extra luck in your life?

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown

Best Friends

Mindy would be especially happy to find a home with another cat from her foster home:


Mindy's mom is Miesha, and her brother is Mork. Miesha, a stray, had Mork and Mindy in the woods, where they lived for the first 4 months of their lives. Luckily, Miesha chose the property of an IAR volunteer who was able to bring this little family inside and foster them until they are adopted.


Mindy is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for FIV/FeLV, and microchipped.