ID# C-19-418

1 year old • Female

All About Me

At 12+ pounds, Miesha is a big and pretty girl!. Her medium-length gray (blue) fur is beautiful, thick, and plush. She has the tiniest locket of white on her chest. With those green, almond-shaped eyes, she is stunning. Her ear-tip doesn't detract from her looks.

When her foster mom first met her, Miesha was in mom mode and ran the other outdoor cats away. She needed lots of calories and was focused on getting all of the food! After filling up her belly, Miesha would then interact with her caregiver, letting her give rubs and picking her up.

Even though the kittens are older and weaned, Miesha is still a good mom to them. She is attentive and watches over them as they play and explore. She still grooms them sometimes and enjoys their company. Although she is living with other adult cats, she prefers being with her kittens or being alone. She seems to like her own space.

Miesha is a friendly kitty. Although she enjoys attention from her foster mom when she's around, she is not a needy cat. When you give Miesha scratches on her head and shoulders, she is content to stay put, lying on her side. She just purrs and soaks up the love. However, she can get overstimulated when petted on her sides and belly. Miesha will give signs to let you know when it's time to stop. Her ideal adopter will be an experienced guardian who understands the need to learn her threshold. Because of this and her size, Miesha would be best suited for a family without small children.

My Details
Likes CatsNo
Likes DogsUnknown
Likes Young KidsUnknown


Miesha showed up in the summer to eat at her future foster mom's outdoor cat colony. Seizing the opportunity to contain this beauty, her soon-to-be foster mom quickly got her into the clinic so that she could be spayed and vaccinated. At the clinic, the vet discovered Miesha was lactating, and she was released so that she could return to care for her kittens. Miesha continued to come back to eat, and she proved to be a friendly cat after all. Finally, a couple of months later, Miesha brought her 2 kittens with her. Foster mom had been expecting the kittens and was eventually able to catch them and bring the little family inside.


Miesha is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, negative for FIV/FeLV, and microchipped. Miesha is mom to Mork and Mindy.