Luna Lovegood
ID# C-19-404

4 year old • Female

All About Me

Luna is a black and white tuxedo short haired cat. She has beautiful golden eyes. In addition to a white bib, 4 white paws, and half a white mustache, she also has a partial white stripe down her back!

Luna is a sweet, curious cat. She is very interested in being friends with other cats; she will follow our 2 cats around and comes running if she hears them meowing. She enjoys our company as well and likes being scratched around her neck and being petted along her spine, arching up her neck up into your hand while petting. She often rubs against our legs as well. She is comfortable spending time around our very active dog, a 25-lb. beagle/hound mix. She could be adopted with her son Loki, or with the other kitten we are fostering, Tenzin, as they all get along, or she would be happy to befriend another friendly cat! (In one of the photos she is lying on the back of the couch with our cat, Pumbaa.)

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


We found Luna in late September 2019 on our way home from Ad Astra. She was with two kittens, one of them her son, Loki (probably born in July 2019). She had been living in the backyard of someone who fed her regularly, so she was used to humans giving her food but not petting her. After about a month of living with us, she became comfortable with being touched.


Luna is in great health! She was spayed in late September and has received all of her vaccinations.