ID# C-19-387

5 year old • Female

All About Me

Camilla is a beautiful petite kitty, with tuxedo patterned dilute tortoiseshell marking. She has big bright golden eyes and a squeaky meow.

Camilla is the most playful cat we've ever known! She is extremely shy at first (see History), but after she comes out of her shell you will discover a cat with quite a bit of energy who just wants to love and be loved!

She has adorable snuggly moments, but her primary drive is definitely to P L A Y and she will simply not be happy in a home where she's not getting some play every day. To make it easier, she is an expert at fetch, and the sight of such a petite kitty carrying stuffed mice devotedly back and forth across the house definitely makes up for the inconvenience.

Despite being over a year old, she is still the size of (and has the temperament of) an older kitten. She has been learning not to bite and scratch but needs someone to continue helping her understand appropriate cat behavior. We strongly feel that she would be better suited to the home of an experienced cat owner, and a patient older cat sibling or two to satisfy her need for play and snuggles. She absolutely adores her cat foster siblings.

We think she might be fine with dogs and children, but she will need a family that has the patience and time to provide proper introductions, because she is very shy at first. She is eager to closely bond with her forever family, as she has with her foster family. She will be a wonderful cat for a high energy, experienced owner: forever loyal, faithful, and true!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Camilla was next in line for euthanasia at an area shelter when we found out about her, without a backstory and without much hope for adoption. She was so shy that she would hide from all of the potential adopters, although she was very friendly to the people who worked at the shelter, who she had come to trust. When she first came to us she hid under our bathroom sink cabinet for two days, terrified. With time, patience, and comforting (and a few treats and fun new toys), she has blossomed. She now follows her foster mom or foster cat siblings around the house all day long, hoping for a treat or a game of fetch.


Camilla seems like a very healthy, active cat.