ID# C-19-244

5 year old • Female

All About Me

Lua is a 4-month-old Tuxedo whirlwind of love.

Lua loves you already. Every part of you; from the hands that rub her tummy as she playfully rolls over, to your feet under the covers that she chases. She loves hard, plays hard, and pounces on everything that moves and most things that don’t. What she lacks in attention span she more than makes up for in persistence. She begins every day by trying to convince the senior cat to love her; it hasn’t worked yet, but tomorrow’s another day, so it’s no big deal to her. While she’s a little shy around large rambunctious dogs, she would be super happy to have a furever home that has other friendly and small-to-mid-size animals to play with. Her favorite activities are playing with her beloved siblings Mesa and Elm, talking to her humans, and chasing toys of all types. Oh, and melting hearts. She does that very, very well.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown

Best Friends

Lua would be especially happy to find a home with another cat from her foster home:


Lua, her sister Mesa, and her brother Elm were rescued with their mother at 8 weeks of age.


Thanks to their early rescue (and care from mama beforehand), Lua and her siblings are healthy, have strong appetites, and are gaining weight at a steady clip. They are vaccinated and neutered.