ID# C-17-451

6 year old • Male

All About Me

Winnie is an adorable white kitten with random black spots. He has amazing patterns of spots in circles on his back, and a black hat and nose, and black paw pads. Very unique and handsome. He is the largest of his litter, nearly 6 pounds at 4 months, and seems destined to be a very large cat.

Winnie has a sunny disposition, and greets you with purrs and asking for rubs. He and his litter mates are high-energy and full of fun- they chase each other up and down the stairs then hit the cat tree at full speed. He is a dedicated hunter and decimates small toy mice, often carrying them around and play growling. <p> Winnie really wants to be a lap cat when he is not dashing around and will be a wonderful companion cat. He is very nosy and likes to be involved in whatever his person is doing, especially supervising the cleaning of the litter box. He does still gets startled by loud noises and unexpected movements, but he quickly returns for pets and cuddles. For that reason, it seems he would do best in a quieter home with room to run and play, and a kitten buddy to play with. He is very bonded to his sibs Sylvie and Kodi!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Winnie and sibs were born in the woods near a shopping center. Their Mom was super friendly but kept her kits well hidden. Winnie was rescued at around a month of age and has been happily indoors since Dec.