ID# C-17-434

9 year old • Female

All About Me

Seal point applehead siamese with gorgeous blue eyes.

Kettie cat is a very sweet and affectionate girl who has had a rough time recently in her life. She came to her foster mom a very timid and shy kitty who hid in the back of her crate. With time and kindness, she has shown what a sweetheart she is! <p> Her foster home includes 2 big dogs and one wicked cat-hating cat! She is adjusting pretty well to the dogs and tried REALLY hard to be friends with the meany cat, chirping happily every time she saw her. After being attacked a few times, however, she hides whenever she sees the other cat through the glass door now. But with her foster mom and a couple of visitors, she parades happily around the room, chirping and chatting happily about how glad she is to see you, then jumps up next to you and continues the chat while enjoying the petting. She loves to butt her head into your body, digging into her ticklish mom! She will lay on her side and let you rub her belly and is beginning now to let herself be placed on your lap and accept affection this way. <p>Kettie is a timid girl who seems to have suffered some abuse, so new people need to go slowly and gently at first until her trust is gained. She has never offered to bite or scratch, even when she is clearly scared. Kettie needs a loving home with someone who will be patient and kind with her as she adjusts and learns to trust. She would probably do great in a home with a friendly cat(s) as well!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Kettie lived in a home with her owner, an elderly gentleman, and another cat to whom she was closely bonded. When the owner passed away she fell upon hard times of neglect and want. She and her companion were dropped off at a local vet who was told to euthanize them if they thought that was best. She has been in a foster situation since, but has suffered the loss of her beloved companion cat.