ID# C-15-315

6 year old • Female

All About Me

Gorgeous tabby with a calico twist - with white chest and boots and a caramel stripe on her forehead.

Robin comes running when she hears her name called, "chirps" to talk to her humans, and is an incredibly affectionate lapcat. She's completely darling. She really likes to snuggle with her littermates, and with the household cats in her foster home, and seeks out any sunny patch in the house for a nice warm cat nap. She likes water, and watches the sink and the bathtub attentively. She is patient and tolerant with children, and seems to like them, and has been well socialized to children and adults (she was also bottle fed as a tiny kitten, and appears to think she's a person). Robin lives with, and gets along with, both other cats and dogs. Robin seems to have a particular affinity for men with beards, and sleeps curled around her foster father's face at night. Robin is the little mama of her litter, and is very nurturing with her brother and her fellow foster kittens. She would especially like to be adopted with her brother Batman, or one of her fellow foster kittens (Wilbur, Orville, or Dolly), as she currently spends all day mothering and grooming them, and playing with them.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Robin and her brother Batman were abandoned by their mother (a juvenile Siamese mix) in Durham in September. Robin was then bottle fed by the team from IAR. Like many bottle fed kittens, she is extremely sweet and well socialized to people.