ID# C-15-145

11 year old • Male

All About Me

Long, lean, short-haired orange and white tabby; a handsome creamsicle

Odo is very mellow and patient when not in a playful mood. He'll let you touch his tail, paws, and belly without complaint, and calmly tolerates having his claws clipped and being picked up or moved around. He's more cautious than bold, and takes a little while to acclimate to new sounds and situations before engaging, but once he has he'll really make himself comfortable. He also likes to sleep in enclosed spaces, e.g. under the bed. Odo is an unstoppable purring machine. He doesn't purr while drinking or in deep sleep, but any other moment is fair game. He is also very smart (he figured out who it was controlling the laser pointer almost immediately). He loves to pounce and chew, and will happily chase a wand toy or even a dog's chew toy if it's soft enough. Odo is a very sweet, gentle cat, who is fairly independent and low-maintenance, and has flawless litter box etiquette. He will make a great cat for someone looking for one who is beautiful, mellow, and very polite.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Odo was found wandering the streets by a family who, despite extensive efforts, could not find a previous owner, and concluded he was likely the product of a stray cat.