ID# C-14-021

18 year old • Female

All About Me

Elsa is a wonderfully large (for female), long-haired older kitty, approximately 8-10. She has apricot colored fur with white undersides and paws. She has light green eyes, and a very cute face- she has some exotic genes, possibly Persian or Maine Coon mix. She has wonderful ear tufts and toe tufts.

Elsa is a fabulous, older, low-key kitty, and is a wonderful companion. She is extremely affectionate, and loves being in a lap. She also loves "making biscuits" with her great big paws. Since she doesn't put her claws out, it is quite comfortable for her to knead you. Her favorite things: napping in sunbeams, window perching, fluffy blankets, and lap sitting.

Elsa has tested negative for FIV and Feline leukemia. She had a senior check-up , including blood work and got an excellent report except for some dental issues. She then had a complete dental, with removal of a few bad teeth, and the rest were cleaned and polished. She does seem to be a bit hard of hearing. Bonus, she doesn't mind vacuum cleaners or other loud noises.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Elsa was rescued from an outdoor situation in January, where she had lived with a group of outdoor cats for several years. Her caretakers moved away and I kept going back to feed the remaining outdoor kitties. She was always huddled up against the front door of the house, as if waiting for her people. She clearly was a beloved pet at some point, but we have not been able to locate her owners. She is relieved and happy to be inside and receive unlimited attention.

I’m at the pet store!

Elsa is staying at Petco South Square right now. You can visit her any time the store is open.