Chester Cheetah
ID# C-14-008

10 year old • Male

All About Me

Like colored orange tabby with cheetah like spots

Chester Cheetah and his brother Tony Tiger were born feral in the local community. They were rescued by caring people who also take care of the brothers' feral parents and who, in turn, contacted IAR for assistance. Despite their humble outdoor beginnings, Tony and Chester have taken to living inside in their new luxury digs (they have beds now instead of dirt and pine straw to sleep on) as if they were born to it. Like most orange males, these boys share an easy going, take it as it comes personality. When encountering new situations or people, they are cautious and may hide at first, but soon thereafter decide that they need to investigate the newcomers. After all, someone might be bringing them treats or things to play with. Chester is the more reserved of the two brothers and will wait and let Tony explore the new situation and report back that things are "cool" before he decides to engage. Chester also has a lighter color coat than Tony - more of a light rust color with spots similar to a cheetah. The lighter color seems to mirror his shier personality. But while Chester may not take the first initiative to approach a new person or situation, he loves to be held and will sit happily in your lap and purr contentedly for hours. He also enjoys playing with bouncy objects like his brother, but prefers to use the attack and then retreat concept where he bats a ball and then runs for cover to make sure the situation is still safe. Both boys make a striking pair and would love to be adopted together as they complement and support one another.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs No
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Found in the local community. Chester has been neutered and has had all of his vaccines. He is ready to go to his forever home.