ID# C-13-147

10 year old • Male

All About Me

Gorgeous, long-haired, black tabby. His eyes just changed to green. You can't help but melt when you see him. Seriously one of the most beautiful kittens you have ever seen. His foster mom calls him and his siblings "calendar kittens" because they are so adorable.

Chip is the ringleader of the "snack kittens" and loves to be the first at everything. Life is a game for Chip and he plays hard. He is always the first to explore new things and loves to stalk and pounce his siblings Cheeto and Pretzel. He purrs when cuddled but wants to get back to playing after some quick snuggles. He also loves to play with his "twin" aka the mirror and will hop and pounce and headbutt his image. His kitten antics are the cutest and you will never need to turn on your TV to be entertained. Chip would love to be adopted with both his siblings but is especially close with Pretzel so would be okay in a home with just her.

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My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Found with his siblings near a shed by an IAR volunteer in their backyard.