ID# C-13-079

10 year old • Male

All About Me

Orange and red tabby with a super sweet face.

Firefox was rescued from a back yard as a very small kitten and bottle-fed until he was weaned. He has always lived with people and other animals, and thinks that people are his mommy (he loves to snuggle and suckle on your shirt). He is incredibly affectionate, although he's in his 'awkward teenage' years of liking to rough-house a lot as well.

Being bottle-raised, he's made up his own rules for How to Cat - he doesn't know how to purr but he snuffles instead (his nickname is "Mr. Snuffles"); he tends to play a little too long for most other cats' tastes, he's not good at telling when they're done and he needs to quit. (So he might do best as an only cat with a bunch of kids and/or a cat-friendly dog, or assertive cats.)

He is still very kitten-y and has a lot of energy - he needs a lot of playtime! He loves running around and climbing his cat tree and especially loves chasing cat-toys-onna-stick. He's started growing into his long tail - he'll probably end up on the bigger side as a full-grown cat!

Lots there to love. Loves being picked up, held, doesn't like adoption events much but happily goes into his carrier anyways. He's a very sweet-tempered cat and did we mention snuggles?

Re: his special needs - he had a very bad eye infection as a kitten - the eyes were saved, but one is a little smaller than the other and can get watery at times. He also probably doesn't see very well out of it, but that doesn't slow him down! He sometimes needs eyedrops (over the counter), but seems to be growing out of that. He is also a little more susceptible to colds than the other kittens, but thankfully he happily takes pill pockets and isn't hard to give eyedrops or medicine to when needed. He's definitely worth the fuss - you won't meet a more gregarious or friendly kitty! (he's a big hit at parties, he loves the attention)

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Found as a very young kitten and bottle-fed until he could be weaned, living with other cats, a dog, and people ever since.