ID# C-12-061

11 year old • Male

All About Me

Wolfgang is an adorably fuzzy long-haired kitten with big paws, and ear and toe tufts. Wolfie usually seems to be having a bit of a "bad hair day." His fur often is going in all different directions. He is dark gray and has a faint "bulls eye" tabby pattern that can be seen in certain lights. He has a sweet little face and is ultra-cute! He is growing fast and looks like he will be a big floppy Maine Coon type of guy.

Wolfgang is a happy-go-lucky kind of kitten, with a gentle and affectionate disposition. He is very playful and is fond of streaking around after his sister Liesl or chasing a ball, before stopping for a cuddle with his humans. He loves being held, scratched, carried, or sitting in your lap. He is perfectly comfortable to be held like a baby on his back and will gaze happily into the eyes of his favorite person, giving those wonderful kitty "eye-kisses." He has the promise of being one a big fluffy gentle "dog-cat." Wolfie is healthy, vaccinated and litter-trained. He will be ready for adoption after he gets neutered around Memorial Day weekend. He would love to be adopted with his sister Liesl or with another young cat for company.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Wolfgang and his sister were born in the garage of their foster Mom, and have never lived outside or fended for themselves. They are extremely healthy, and have received lots of love during their "formative" weeks so that they are highly socialized.