ID# C-11-326

12 year old • Female

All About Me

Fergie is a striking long-haired Siamese, Lynx point. Peering out from her mask, those blue eyes are large, vivid ovals, moderately slanted and slightly crossed. Fergie's nose is pink edged in brown. The same brown colors her paw pads. Her markings are in the Siamese colorpoint coat pattern. She is gorgeous! SEE FERGIE SLIDESHOW!: WATCH FERGIE VIDEO:

Fergie may look like a diva, but her personality is anything but. She is a very laid back cat who is affectionate, friendly, and extremely social. Because of her laid back personality, she has had no issues meeting the resident dogs and cat. She likes to talk to you and has a loud purr. You can hold her to your heart's content, cradle her in your arms and rub her belly. She will play with toys or a nice feather, but her favorite thing is just being loved. Love her, and Fergie loves you back completely. She trusted her foster mom from the very first second they met. Fergie will be a wonderful companion, and her foster mom is in search of the perfect home and family for this perfect cat.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Scooped up late at night from the edge of a wooded area next to I-85 in Durham County. She was seen in this area for about a week. All attempts to find her family have failed. Her foster mom doesn't understand how someone could not be searching desperately for her. Fergie was found with no collar, and she was not microchipped.