ID# C-11-119

13 year old • Female

All About Me

Gardenia is a striking calico kitty with the cutest little black snip on her nose - like a little black raindrop! She has gorgeous tri-color markings and deep amber eyes.

Gardenia, or "Deeny," as she is affectionately called by her foster family, is a whole lot of kitty in a petite little package! Nimble and athletic, she can be a pint-sized Mia Hamm, as she bats her jingle ball around the room at lightning speed. Effortlessly, she transforms into a prima ballerina, and she leaps and pirouettes with tremendous grace to catch her Cat Dancer toy. Just when you are envisioning this little beauty on stage in a delicate pink tutu, she turns Sumo wrestler and tackles her unsuspecting brother to the floor! Such is life with such a versatile wee diva. Deeny, however, does have her cuddly side, and can spare a minute for a pat, or to be held like a baby in your arms. She will entertain herself in this position by very gently patting the end of your nose with the pad of her paw, in hopes that perhaps your nose will either squeek or light up like her favorite cat toys. Deeny has her practical side, of course, and is more than happy to act as quality control, perched on your shoulder, supervising, as you brush your teeth. She would love to be placed in a Forever Home with her sweetheart of a brother, Skittles. They are inseparable, and groom, play and hug each other all day long. At night, after they bounce around the house until bedtime, they curl up together in the cat tree, exhausted from the day's adventures. They snooze the night away, until it is time to wake up and start the fun all over again!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Deeny and Skittles were, believe it or not, born in a Caboose! The Caboose is on display in the parking lot of an Antique Mall, and was a safe and cozy place for Mama Cat to have her little brood. Until, of course, the babies became more adventuresome, and began to explore the streets surrounding them. Their quaint little home was not a safe haven anymore! Fortunately for this family, a kind kitty lover became their guardian angel, and over time, won the trust of the Mama Cat, as she fed them diligently every evening. Finally, through great patience, the three were gathered up, and brought to safety!