ID# C-11-079

12 year old • Male

All About Me

Handsome little tuxedo guy. Very dapper appearing with his white mits. Tip of tail dipped in white also.

This confident little cat had humble beginnings, but he is now fearless and full of himself. Panda was the only kitten born to a young Mom, and he spent his first 5 weeks in the bottom of a tall trashcan. His Mom came and went, but he could not get out. After he was rescued, he had to learn to walk- since finding his legs, he has been in constant motion. He gallops around the house joyfully, and really hates being left alone, which causes him to cry loudly. He purrs to greet you and seems very happy to get a pet or two, but does not have a lot of time for lap-sitting at the current time. Panda definitely needs a kitten or young cat playmate, and would probably do great coming in to a house with a resident young cat. His endless energy will keep you and his cat friend amused for hours. He continues to try to engage the adult cats in his foster home to play, and when rejected, just tries again in a few minutes. All in all, a delightful kitten looking for an active home. He is due to be neutered in mid June and will be ready for adoption at that time.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Panda was the only kitten of a teenage mom who deposited him in a tall trashcan to keep him safe. He could not get out, and he spent his first 5 weeks there while Mom came and went. After he was rescued, he had to learn to walk, which he enjoys very much!