ID# C-11-065

14 year old • Male

All About Me

Forest is buff or soft orange with white. He has a stripey tail, four white feet, & white blaze above his pink nose. His fur is moderately short, plushy and soft. He has lovely dark eyes that are contrast beautifully with his light fur. His voice is an endearing small squeak.

Forest is affectionate and playful. He loves frequent contact with people, greeting his foster parents by rubbing on our legs or standing tall to offer his face for a rub. He pushes his face into our palms, snorting softly with pleasure and soliciting a full face and head rub, then flops onto his side. When relaxed or sleeping, he lets his mouth fall slightly open, forming a little 'o' between his tiny front teeth. He enjoys being brushed, and often rolls from side to side for a thorough job. Upside-down is fine with Forest: he will lie against us on a sofa, snuggling close and wiggling into a belly up position. Although he has a limp and often sits with his left front paw raised, he also uses this paw to grab toys, puts weight on it while walking, jumps onto sofas and beds, and plays with abandon, leaping, running, and pouncing. He even has impeccable litterbox habits! He has been friendly with other cats from the start, and seeks out their company. He is a good eater, willing to try any food and carefully licking up every bite without gobbling. We expect his leg to continue to grow stronger, but because of this vulnerability, he will need to live indoors. This seems to be OK with Forest: he enjoys a screened porch, but doesn't beg to go out.

Oh! and if you really wanted a golden retriever but your Mom wouldn't let you have one then Forest is the cat for you. Throw a toy and he will delight in running after it and bringing it back to you.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Forest was living outdoors with the help of a man who kindly fed him. A bullet broke his left front leg, which partially healed before a rescuer could catch him and get medical attention for him. In just a few months he has gained strength and confidence, and learned to trust people again. He is still startled by sudden movements and loud noises, but quickly recovers when reassured by gentle words or strokes.