ID# C-11-033R

12 year old • Female

All About Me

Figaro is a typical black and white tuxedo kitten with more black coloring than white. She's got an adorable little 'milk dribble' that starts at the corner of her mouth and melts into her white bib.

Despite what her name suggests, Figaro is actually a lady. However, once you meet her, it's hard to confuse her skinny, petite build and feminine expression as male. She's quite the active and comical girl, always busy with play, running, and climbing. She has crazy kitten moments where she will be dashing all over, tail high and curled, leaping on and off furniture, and eyes wide. When it gets to be naptime, however, she tends to find a human to curl up with. At night, her favorite place to be is on the empty half of her foster mom's pillow. She's fairly outgoing and very social, usually being one of the first to meet a new cat or dog. Once she gets to know other animals, she makes friends fast, especially with dogs! She will randomly cry when in a room alone and once called, will come dashing into her foster mom's lap full of purrs and chirps. When locked away from people, she will get lonely and cry, so definitely needs animal companions to keep her company when humans are away. Her ideal home would be one with a bunch of toys, a cat tower to climb, a feline and/or canine companion to play and sleep with, and a human who is looking for a comical new friend and willing to share their pillow!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Figaro was adopted out once when she was still a kitten, but returned when the adopter developed severe allergies.