ID# C-11-010

14 year old • Female

All About Me

From a distance Maydy's coat appears to be all black. But, she has a patch of white on her chest and some single white hairs distributed all over. She has beautiful yellow-green eyes.

Maydy is a very affectionate cat. She always meows "hello" to greet me, usually rubs against my leg, and often gets up on her hind legs to push the back of her head into my outstretched hand. When I rescued her on May 1, she was about 6 weeks pregnant. She gave birth to 7 kittens. Maydy was an amazing mother and all 7 kittens survived. I put a video of her playing with five of her kittens, at 11 weeks old, on YouTube. Here's the link: Now that all the kittens have moved into their permanent homes, Maydy enjoys sleeping in the sun, looking out the window, and playing with her toys. I think she would really like to live in a home with more people than just me, and might like to live with a cat-friendly dog or cat for her to be friends with.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Maydy was a stray in my neighborhood. She started showing up last April. She was very small and skinny, and soon appeared to be pregnant. I had her checked by two vets and then brought her into my house and set up a cardboard box for her to give birth to her kittens. The kittens didn't arrive for over two more weeks. That was fortunate because she needed time to catch up on eating after some unknown time as a stray. Now, all of her kittens have been adopted and Maydy needs a permanent home herself.