Sweet Roxxie
ID# C-10-388

13 year old • Female

All About Me

Roxxie is a tuxedo kitten with maybe a little Siamese mixed in. She's got a triangular face and a lanky body. She also has some silvery coloring along her back and tail.

Roxxie can only be described as a spitfire, which is why her foster mom thought she had to have that extra X in her name. She is a high energy kitten that loves to play with everyone! She loves all toys, but her favorites are foam golf balls and a laser pointer that she will chase after all over the house. She's pretty fearless and outgoing and makes friends very quickly with other cats as long as they want to be friends with her. Her best friend is her foster mom's cat, which she sleeps and plays with daily. When she sees big dogs, she puffs up and tries to act real tough. When they get too close, she will give them a harmless swat on the nose, but otherwise isn't bothered by them. She doesn't like to be alone and definitely needs to go a home with a companion to keep her company, otherwise she will cry endlessly. Roxxie doesn't get into trouble much, except occassionally when she gets up on shelves or counters where she doesn't belong, but can be taught boundaries with a simple spray bottle. She is working on learning not to play too rough with people and that hands are not chew toys, which is why she should only go to a home with older children. This is a habit she should grow out of once she gets older. Roxxie will be ready for her forever home in a couple weeks when she is spayed and her vaccines finished.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids No


Roxxie was from a litter and mother cat that were found in downtown Durham. She was the only one that her rescuer was able to trap and take in when she was about 10 weeks old.