ID# C-10-277

18 year old • Male

All About Me

Fergus is so beautiful: he has the characteristic 'leopard spotted' coat --actually a silky pelt-- of the Bengal breed. His fur is a reddish blonde-brown and his spots and rosettes are black/darker brown, making him resemble a miniature leopard. His head, legs and tail have stripes and his belly and neck are tawny. He possesses the 'glitter' gene which makes his coppery coat seem to sparkle, especially in sunlight. Fergus is a lean and muscular 15 lbs., about average for a male Bengal.

Fergus has a captivating personality. He walked into the foster home like he owned the joint. He's affectionate and trusting, playful and curious, brave, gregarious and adventuresome. He is also smart, and it seems to us he has a sense of humor. He much prefers company to being alone. He loves to play with and in water. He likes to supervise human activity, enjoys racing us to the top of stairs. He likes to curl into a lap for his nap time, and offers commentary on phone conversations. He is an explorer and enjoys heights and climbing. Fergus has never rejected any cat food he's offered. He is neat in the litter box and he can amuse himself with toys for hours. This cat has star quality. His fosters would dearly love to keep him, but he cannot get along with one of three resident housecats, another male. Fergus is fine with the two female cats, playing and galloping through the house with them.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Fergus is a gorgeous neutered male Bengal Cat who has been declawed, found living in a commercial area parking lot, where some kind people at a nearby business had been feeding him. Unable to locate an owner, his fosters brought him home and had him checked by their veterinarian. He was given the requisite inoculations, tested negative for FeLV and FIV, and was treated for fleas/worms. He's healthy, and about 3-4 years old.