ID# C-10-273

14 year old • Male

All About Me

Tiger was very skinny when he came up to my house, but he is gaining weight with the good food he eats. He is ash gray with black tiger stripes and one white foot. He is missing his back right leg, because it was badly broken and infected when he came to me. It was amputated, but he gets around just great and can jump up to his cat condo.

Tiger is the most gentle cat I have ever held. He will sit on my lap for an indefinite amount of time while I rub him. He purrs in such a loving manner. He rubs his head against my hand and hides it sometimes in my hand. I believe he has not had a loving peaceful home in quite a while because he was so skinny when he appeared. He also loves to rest in a corner of his cat condo and poke his head out when called. I have not seen him play much yet, because of his leg healing, but I am sure he has playfulness inside him!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Tiger appeared to my doorstep on July 23, 2010 with a badly broken back leg, crying for help. He spent the first night in my back yard. I investigated options, and IAR kindly and generously paid for his surgery. I have had him here for a week and it is now August 1, 2010. He is super-friendly and deserves a forever home for sure.