Wil 'Rougemont' Sarahsen
ID# C-10-264

13 year old • Male

All About Me

Orange tabby with orange feet, big vertical ears, and a long tail.

more about Wil, his four brothers, and his Mom. Wil is the most sociable kitten of his litter, and the first to embrace the joys of kitten food while the others still preferred mother's milk. Even at five weeks old, if he heard you enter the room, he'd mew once to get your attention and usually come to see you. He's been the most talkative of the five Sarahsen brothers, the most likely to answer if you ask him a question, and the first to purr while being petted. If you are patient and gentle, he seems likely to grow into a very sweet and attentive friend and partner. Most likely to gaze deep into your eyes, talk to you, and lick your eyebrow. Wil is still very young and would be very happy to be adopted with one of the other four Sarahsen brothers, or even with a kitten from another family. His extremely patient and good-looking mother, Sarah, is also available for adoption.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


The Sarahsen family, consisting of Sarah and her five kittens (all boys), were brought to a shelter by a mysterious stranger shortly after the kittens were born. Nothing is known about their lives before July 9, 2010. They were taken into an IAR foster home when the kittens were about three weeks old, and have been there with their foster humans and each other ever since.