Jean-Luc Sarahsen
ID# C-10-263

13 year old • Male

All About Me

Nicknamed "Pirate" for the distinctive black spot at the base of his right ear, the only spot of black among his entire family. Jean-Luc also has huge white socks on his back feet and dainty white toes on his front feet. He's cute and fluffy.

Luke (formerly "Jean-Luc" for the adventurous captain of the starship Enterprise) loves adventure, novelty, and paper bags. I think he would enjoy learning to be friends with a kid or a gentle dog. more about Luke, his brothers, and his Mom. He climbed the couch two days before any of his brothers, ascended the cat tower alone soon after, has wandered further afield in the house than any of his brothers, and has been at least halfway up the stairs at the time of this writing -- a feature none of his siblings seem to even have noticed. When he was still very tiny, he alone figured out an indirect route to get to his mom cat, Sarah, even when she was up on a high platform. Jean-Luc is often found sleeping off by himself, having explored a new area and found it to his liking. While he clearly adores discovering new things, he's still a tiny scared kitten if he's pushed into new experiences not of his choosing. He'll be a very happy cat in a house that will provide occasional new climbing and hiding places for him. Most likely to be discovered sleeping in a strange new place. Luke would be very happy to be adopted with his brother Geordi, or even with a kitten from another family. His extremely patient, sweet, and good-looking mother, Sarah, is also available for adoption.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


The Sarahsen family, consisting of Sarah and her five kittens (all boys), were brought to a shelter by a mysterious stranger shortly after the kittens were born. Nothing is known about their lives before July 9, 2010. They were taken into an IAR foster home when the kittens were about three weeks old, and have been there with their foster humans and each other ever since.